Jul 29

Cassini Observations on July 26/27 2015


On July 26th and 27th, 2015, NASA‘s Cassini spacecraft made observations of Saturn’s icy moons Dione, Rhea, and Enceladus. Cassini’s ISS (imaging science subsystem camera) took images using clear, infrared, green, and ultraviolet light, among a couple others. The resulting images … Continue reading

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Apr 05

High Resolution Saturn Mosaic

Saturn in 2004

I assembled a mosaic of Saturn using 105 separate frames taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft in October, 2004, shortly after it’s arrival to the ringed planet. The image is in calibrated true-color, and at full resolution is 7998×3626.

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Dec 12

Modeling Gale Crater

Watery Gale - Maya - 4b-1920

Recently, news came out of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory which stated that using data and imagery from the Curiosity rover, they were able to prove that Gale Crater (in which Curiosity currently resides) used to contain a body of liquid … Continue reading

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Jun 06

Views of Mercury

Mercury - North - v4 - sm

Last night, I threw the highest resolution imagery and altimetry data available from the Mercury MESSENGER spacecraft onto a quick UV Sphere in Blender. Blender groaned and my laptop moaned, but they managed to render this image Continue reading

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